Work is primarily figurative, representational and descriptive, mainly life studies in watercolour & gouache, but also oils and acrylic on canvas, and occasionally other media.


Mark-making, texture and pattern are particular interests, as is working against the clock with a model. However, it is the process of simply 'making' that affords most satisfaction, and the mere manipulation of the physical media is a source of endless fascination and pleasure.

In addition to life studies, other stimuli for work include dreams, history, allegory, mythology and legend, and the atmospheres and moods evoked by seasons, climate, landscapes and nature.

The images presented here show work of various types and at different stages; life class sketches and paintings, notebooks and explorations, studio pieces, and works both in progress and 'completed' .

However, deciding when a work is finished can be difficult, and all too often the temptation is to modify or rework pieces.

This may explain the attraction of watercolour which, by its nature, offers limited scope for second thoughts.


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-- Parum tempore, tanta facere --